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14.tar.gz (latest source 0907)  nb; n.d.c.1st
invoice to JSsource on deliverydeliverd running quite well(
some files: nb:keys... almost (was(formerly): not ready yet..) fully compiled :(
kjjjjj..... nearly... vid so far 123
NB:delte key is control C

(same)asmp gzipped

3 bugs... + tidy to main of structs inits... (last +1h)
cc output errors -- 8 bugs remaining (midnight (nuit 30June23)
liblua.a (p9... 386 ! arch)
libcurses.a (p9.. 386 not arch.)

gawk port

Tlaronde & arnold & jacob



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tclsh 8.3.5

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bleeding edge tclsh...

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    1,$ :1 s/\/\*.*\*\//ASDF/g 
:1,$ s/height=\(.*\)%/height=\1/g
#handi: height=30% -> height=30 #watch greedy... (xtra % at end yada yada yada
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9fat mount

p9 temp with a nbon moving part...

trim these down... (todo)

## Initialize the blank disk /dev/sdC0/data.
## C begin (in a VM )...
   disk/mbr -m /386/mbr /dev/sdC0/data
   disk/fdisk -baw /dev/sdC0/data
   disk/prep -bw -a^(9fat nvram fossil cache swap) /dev/sdC0/plan9
disk/format dev/sdC0/9fat

##these do work, (every time you reload p9) after:
mkdir /tmp/b14
mount -c /srv/dos /tmp/b14 /dev/sdC0/9fat
cd /tmp/b14

web browser...

diffs gnu u ape (d_u.tar) 19:31 06
diff -urN
sd (df srcp)

to make a quick lasting p9

in the vm manager (vmware, vbox etc...) make a 64GB drive (pre made! takes longer)
approx 5 mins... the rest, 5-10 mins (copy of the iso to /dev/sdC0's data dir takes 
5-10mins on a 4 core 386ish machine...)
boot up off your 9front iso...
1. disk/mbr -m /386/mbr /dev/sdC0/data
2. disk/fdisk -baw /dev/sdC0/data
o. possibly a format *****
copy in the 9front_XYZ.iso (maybe off usb or ftpfs into /tmp)
3>1. cat /tmp/9front_XYZ.iso > /dev/sdC0/data #make sure its not the iso ls /dev/sd* # cat the ctl
4. power off the vm
in vm manager settings:  turn off the iso usage (in the boot order) for the p9 vm
hey presto... there should now be at least 60GB free to write to in /tmp
(will re-test tommorrow and possibly abridge)

ps: you can bind any dir into a tmpdir in plan9 effectively giving you write to that dir eg: mkdir /tmp/newbin bind -a /tmp/newbin /bin cp MY_NEW_SHINY_BINARY_PROGRAM /tmp/newbin effectivly this MY_NEW_XYZ is now in /bin pps: sorry if any of this offends... --------------- note: normally a 9660 file system cannot be edited in situe create 2 partitions -- eg. 20GB and 50GB... and do the lowlevel disk magic on them and mount in /tmp note2: going to try creating a 9fat quickly off a 9660 booted iso sounding say it should be handy... but then we are approaching the territory of full installs... note3: the 9frontXYZ.iso seems to be specifically designed for cat 9frontXYZ.iso > /dev/sdC0/data # note to self: (3 parts inc 1MBesp) are they (the 9frontors using a special iso generator??) 09072023@0053 --------------- % mkdir /tmp/EXTRAT_DIR % cd /tmp/FROMDIR % tar -cf - . | (cd /tmp/EXTRACT_DIR; tar -xv -) £works sometimes (flavas...) #disk space no temporary file == (same % mkdir /tmp/EXTRACT_DIR % cd /tmp/FROMDIR % tar -cf /tmp/from_ex.tar . % cd /tmp/EXTRACT_DIR % tar -xf /tmp/from_ex.tar

one problem, /tmp gets deleted
so... tomorrow, have to figure out how to mount writeable - 00:23 b------q
so can then pile the source in /conors_source, then bind into that
as the volatilily approaches entrophy levels -- and the indian ocean can disappear
into a tidle wave like the moon and venus.. /c
% mkdir /tmp/C
% 9660srv
% mount  -c /srv/9660 /tmp/C /dev/sdC0/data
note: could bbe some slight typos... be careful pple... v.v. careful
pple... load z a zees... you could inadvertently tar the wrong dir omg i-O
% cd /cygdrive/c 
% cd ./Users/conor.williams/Desktop/src
% find . -type f -name \*.c | xargs grep -i "too many hack"
in plan9 (2)
cd /tmp/14
walk | xargs grep asdf
in plan9
% cd /tmp/14/src/
% grep -i "too many ha" *.c
% cd /tmp/14/include
% grep -i "too many hac" *.h
% cd ../sys/share
% grep...
% c:
% cd \tmp3\14\src
% find /I "t0o many hac" *.c
dos find
re: unnix:
sometimes you have to use the flattener xargs as: #capital I i?
£curlies necessary for spaces in filenames #xargs == feed 1 at a time
xargs -I {} grep -i "too many hack" "{}"
-type f ignores dirs is type file
those backslashes are important
find /tmp/14 -type f -exec grep {} \; 2>/dev/null
# todo find in p9 == walk
# den 4A 14J 4S